2016 Convocation


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SESSION  ONE  (9:15 – 10:15 a.m.)

WORKSHOP A.      Membership Development: Cultivating, Growing, Tracking Support

Financial support from land trust members is the lifeblood of our land-saving work. Whether you’re an all-volunteer or staffed land trust, the basics of membership development are the same. Review the basics and explore next steps to grow more donor connections and land-saving support.

Marc Belanger, Vice President of Development, Buzzards Bay Coalition

Michael Lach, Executive Director, Harwich Conservation Trust

WORKSHOP B.     Monitoring Your Lands, Especially Your Conservation Restrictions (CR)

Finding, marking, and mapping boundaries are land stewardship essentials that help support annual monitoring. Maintaining good relations with landowners is key to long-term success with conservation restriction monitoring. Learn about the nuts and bolts of site visits, baseline documentation, and record-keeping to monitor protected lands.

Matt Cannon, Land Stewardship Coordinator, Chatham & Harwich

Nick Rossi, Conservation Restriction Stewardship Specialist, MassAudubon

Matt Spinner, Stewardship Director, Buzzards Bay Coalition

PLENARY SESSION (10:30-11:30): Videos for Land Trusts

Videos can be a compelling platform to showcase your land trust’s work. Learn the steps from video producers as well as perspectives from local land trusts.

Chris Simmons, Dorria Marsh: Zygote Digital Films

Kat Garofoli, Administrator, Dennis Conservation Trust

Rob Hancock, VP of Education & Public Engagement, Buzzards Bay Coalition

Emma Rufo, Barnstable High School, “Hay Conservation Center”

Lucy Helfrich, Director of Program Services, The 300 Committee, Inc.

SESSION  TWO  (11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.)

WORKSHOP A.     Estate Planning 101 & Educating Your Donors About Planned Giving

Planned giving can help your land trust do more good deeds, leave a legacy for the donor, and can help dampen tax liability by lowering estate value. Learn estate planning basics about bequests, IRA charitable gifts, annuities, and more as well as how to sensitively communicate about planned giving.

Attorney Brooks Thayer, Latanzi, Spaulding & Landreth, Orleans

Attorney Kathleen Fowler, Law Offices of Kathleen Fowler, Dennis

WORKSHOP B.      Mapping & Prioritizing Parcels for Resilience (MAPPR)

Learn about a new, user-friendly, web-based tool to identify conservation priorities. Select for biodiversity, climate change resilience, habitat connectivity, and more.

Stefanie Covino, Program Coordinator, Mass Audubon

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